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"A Look Into Community Murals" by Emijah Jones

Photo Credit: Aida Ayers ("Gratitude" Mural)

Art has been a tool used to bring together groups for hundreds of years, it's a way of communicating your culture with a universal language. In modern times, that practice has stayed the same as a single art idea can create a striking project. Urban areas are the highlight of these large art projects, the more buildings the more space that act as canvases. It is often that you’ll find a mural within shopping malls, local stores, and libraries. However, there are even murals found on hospital sidings and other large establishments. The possibilities for murals are endless!

Iowa is a great state for murals as the available spaces continue to grow as cities develop. Many locations in just this state allow plenty of projects to come true. Furthermore, there’s large engagement and new opportunities for not only artsy citizens but people of all backgrounds. Students from all grades and even parents are great picks for working on murals. Plus, once the piece is finished, the creative space acts as a tourist attraction -- leading more people to come together that originally would’ve stayed inactive in their community.

A great location where there are several murals within the area is the Coralville Mall. Though the location is already a large attraction, shoppers become an audience to amazing artwork that lasts for several years to even decades! Now, the Coralville Mall is not only a shopping experience with your favorite stores but also a space with a creative look -- an impact worth the collaboration and planning that community murals create! Art continues to bring people together for a positive cause in a creative way. The next time there’s a new mural in your community look beyond the brushstrokes, but also the impact it has made in your community!

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