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"A Leap Into Ecotherapy" by Emijah Jones

Ecotherapy, the practice of being in nature to boost growth and healing. This type of therapy also known as Nature Therapy involves a professional support line such a therapist, of course, nature is a necessity, and finding activities within the green space is the final step. The goal is to lessen anxieties and underlying pressures. Once the mind has come to a pause, it is much easier to enjoy nature and the lightness of the environment. This is the basis of Ecotherapy.

Nature therapy could be a hike up a mountain or jogging down a grassy road. However, it can also be a simple and relaxing meditation session. The activity and creativity of Ecotherapy is within the person. There are even animals allowed to those therapies as pets are a great support! Since nature therapy targets the mental state and helps sooth stresses it has become a safe practice this past year as the stresses definitely increased and group indoor activities weren’t suitable, spending time in nature has become a great practice.

Ecotherapy has been a researched topic that has shown positive impacts for many. Enjoying the outdoors has physical health effects, it's just as helpful mentally. Those with ADHD, extreme stress, and even Dementia have shown positive signs after starting Ecotherapy. All in all, being outside with lots of fresh air and greenery is worth the experience and the refreshed mood afterward. Ecotherapy is about appreciation and exploring nature while also lessening headaches. So, the next time you’re outside all day, notice the effects, notice how much lighter you feel. That is the intention of Ecotherapy.

For more information about the impacts of Ecotherapy, use these links!




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